Retail Store

A gem of a space tucked in next to the Palace Theatre on Main Street in Lake Placid, NY.

I have to admit, I had my eye on the space for well over 10 years before settling in 2015. Driving down Main Street and passing the storefront, I often found myself day dreaming about the possibilities...just a little shop "with a few nice things" my mother had said. That's all we really need these days right??
And so, as life works in it's magical ways, the space opened at a good time in my life and has been a joy to own ever since.

The retail store has evolved into a lovely blend of Mary Ballou Design products and other independent artists from around the country. Focusing on quality and USA made products, I strive to keep to keep customer favorites in ample supply while always seeking fresh designers and products that fit into an Adirondack lifestyle. 

Blessed with amazing women over the past five years to help run the shop, Kathy has been a steadfast face behind the counter for several years now. Smiling and "here to help", she is the person I had always hoped would be there when I could not. 

So, we welcome you to stop in, browse a while, and find a relaxing moment away from the troubles of the day. A little light music and maybe a visit from Roxy (our shop dog) will brighten your day. 
~ Mary